Hello everyone,

Quite recently, my reputation has been ruined, and I seriously need to change and apologize to those I have hurt.

I am deeply ashamed of my actions from this past month. I used to be a trusted and kind user who just snapped. I met the same fate as my old friend Ludwig. I am so, so sorry. So sorry that words can't describe my sorriness.

Alex - I am very sorry that I falsely blocked you and turned several users against you. Ludwig persuaded me to dislike you, but it's becoming apparent that he lied about you being a horrible user and a bully.

Darthwikia25 - I am very sorry that I hurt your community. Ludwig also persuaded me that you were nothing but a big bully, and again, it is now apparent that he is the real bully.

DatBeardyGuy, Policiamalo, Order of the Command Block and Becky MCPE - You guys were my only true friends, you were people that I actually almost considered family, and I completely lied to you. I just lied to you. I'm so dumb. I'm deeply sorry, and ashamed.

Domitron3 - The one I seriously need to apologize to you. I am the reason why Alex turned against you. Because of the opinion of one mentally unstable kid who is known to be a bully and a liar, even in real life. I am very sorry that I brought you into this clusterf*ck. This should've just been between me and Alex, but I brought you into the fray. I'm so sorry.

Cans48 and the ESB users - I should have never brought my problems to your Wiki. I shouldn't have insulted you. I'm so stupid.

Hackey5 and the Geometry Dash Wiki users - Again, I should have never brought my problems to your Wiki. I shouldn't have spammed. I'm so dumb.

All I am asking for now is a second chance - over these next few days I will attempt to change my actions. I know you're still going to hate me. I'm so dumb. Why did I ever bother writing this? I'm so dumb. You're never going to forgive me. It isn't worth it...