Pamela "Pam" Tyson is the deuteragonist of The Adventures of the Scientists.




Pam is very kind. She is willing to help her friends but can panic in a bad situation.


Lukas Jesse Kierkegaard

Pam and Lukas are very good friends. Pam even gives several hints that she likes Lukas. In chapter 5, she stops Lukas from pulling the trigger and killing himself.

Jim Bob

Pam and Jim are very good friends. In chapter 4, Jim sacrifices himself to save Pam.

Travis Abbott

Pam and Travis are very good friends, despite rarely interacting with each other.


  • Throughout the series, Pam gives several hints that she likes Lukas.
    • As of chapter 8, Lukas and Pam are officially engaged.
    • They married in Chapter 10.

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