This story is based on a friend of mine, who is mentally unstable. However, Ludwig would never do the things I mention. This is completely fictional. I had full permission from Ludwig, who thought the idea of being the center of a creepypasta was cool, with what little sanity he has left.

It all started July 25th, 2010. Ludwig had just moved to a town near Yorkshire, in England. Wirh him were his parents, and younger brother Ben. It was his second day of school. That's when a kid in his age group approached him.

"Hey new kid. Wanna play?" the kid asked.

"Sure." Ludwig replied.

"I'm Lukas." the kid said.

"Ludwig." Ludwig replied.

Ludwig invited Lukas to his house. Lukas accepted, and at 3:30pm they went to Ludwig's house as planned. Ludwig and Lukas then ran into a group of three kids.

"Hey, watch where you're going, you goon!" Lukas said.

"Shut up, Lukas." the kid said.

"Hey, back off!" Ludwig said.

"Don't mess with Dan. He's dangerous." Lukas said.

"Hey. Fresh meat." Dan said.

Behind him were two other kids. One was super skinny, and the other one was huge. Talk about a tub of lard. He looked like he ate 3 Whopper meals for breakfast.